It was a really long time, I did not post anything here. I was so busy reading those educational books and doing Math. Because I stumbled upon a post saying that, baby inherits an intelligence from their mother, not their father. The article speaks science, as a mother- to-be who has no experience getting pregnant, I believed them. lol. Technically, because women bring two X chromosomes, and these genetics will determine baby's intelligence & how good is the IQ. I was not sure if I am late, but, I am trying my best to make myself clever, training my brain to do math & forcing my mind to read books. So, that baby can benefit from it. #pyschomom . But baby, see mommy is working hard to make you clever. 

Talking about my pregnancy journey, I just went to meet my doctor and nurse that handled me, all is well, except that my MGTT result, turns that I am hypo. haha. 3.7 post prandial reading, and I am free from GDM. Alhamdullilah. Now, have to say Alhamdulillah instead of Thanks God! because you know, baby is capturing mother's behavior. Cannot talk bad things and lesser gossip. Especially in the office with aunty Grace & aunty Roshini, oh I forgot, aunty Naba - the rich indonesian girl, your mom met when you were 6 weeks in the tummy.   Many negative behavior should be avoided during this period. HAHA. Again, anything for you baby.

I have passed my first trimester and in a week , I will be entering my third trimester. Second trimester is indeed a honeymoon phase and the most energetic phase in my pregnancy journey. Imagine, I was travelling back and forth from KUL to TWU (and transit at KK also) for 3 days straight. During the night, I was in KL, and the day, I was in TWU. It was really exhausting, but I did not feel anything. In fact, I  did not want to sleep, because I have so much energy to do something. I enjoyed cleaning house, doing chores, and magical moment, during this second trimester, most of the time, I cook. I brought lunch box to office - I discovered my talent of making a good food #proudwife #proudmom.
Not forgotten, my unstable hormone, and as Grace said :

"In the morning, you will see her smiling and laughing, wait until 1pm, you will see another version of her" 

HAHA. I feel like Grace is the angel in the office.

There's so much things to talk about this pregnancy journey, and thousand blog posts are not enough to cover it. One thing for sure, I can't wait to see and to meet this  part of my flesh. I enjoyed the moment I felt him/her kicking. I always know, the regular time of my baby's kicking, early morning, before I went to bed and at 3-4pm , or maybe, most of the time? haha

"You are the unborn child deep inside of me,
Like a tiny seed that turns into a tree.
You are the child made out of love,
With a help from the God,
In a few months I will give birth to a girl or a boy,
And share with my family this wonderful joy" 

The bond is really special. 
I remember Swapnil told me. 

Yesterday , you were engaged, today , you get married, tomorrow, you go honeymoon, and the next day you get a baby. 

I literally laughing. 

26 January 2019, is my wedding day. 
and, the first day of my period. 

and who knows, it was also the last time I am free from period for another 9 months.