Mom was not a tech-savvy person, in fact, she was left behind from the techno world. Don't talk about the telephone. The things she only mastered were, pressing the green button and the red button. Being said that, mobile phone is never an important thing for her. She had a few phones but often misplaced. There was a period when mom was disconnected from the line. And I was far from the hometown, facing a difficulty to contact her. Until one day, my sister added a number on our Family WhatsApp group, and announced:

"This is mom's new phone number"

Wow.. Mom has a new phone and got a WhatsApp too. The previous phone, she had was, Samsung SmartPhone, but she did not know how to use that, until she got OPPO. 

It was a Friday morning, when I decided to ring her new phone number, on my way to work. So we get connected.. she asked me:

"How do you call me?"

"Erm.. I called you, like usual"

"You used credit?"

"Yes, mom, but no worry, I have free calls"

"Ohh. I see, you know my phone can video call, why did not you video-called me? Your phone cannot do video called arr?"


 So, I video-called her. There she was, laughing with pride.

"Now, you see, my phone now can video call, so canggih one..."

"Mom, your last phone also can video-called la mom haha"

"Nevermind, later you give my phone number to Aily's mom, we can video call. If you want to contact me, just video calls me okay"

"Okay mom".

* * * *  * * *  * * * * *  * *

iPhone does not have video call function :P

Till then.