I had high grade fever for the last 4 days and today I am still in my recovery phase. I thought I am going to be okay today and can drive to work, but but but I suddenly felt dizzy and nauseous. So, I went to clinic to seek for medical help.

He was the Indian Doctor,  a bit good looking & "concern" enough to make girls fall in love..

"Fara, sakit ape ye?" gently asked me in Bahasa.

So, I replied him in English, because, it comfortable that way. I don't want to stress out myself to find a better word and accent to replace my Sabahan's tongue. When he spoken to me in English, his charm was missing. HAHA

Just asking me on the timeline of my dx. Cough? Flu? Fever? or any discomfort? I told the doctor from A to Z and reported to him as well that I vomited once this morning because I was dizzied. And he asked me......

"When was your last period?" 

HAHAHAAHA, I expected this question tbh because I mentioned to him, I vomited once.

I wanted to laugh, but need to keep my behavior as a sick person in front of him LOL. To avoid any misunderstanding...

"I am currently on my period, its day two, started yesterday, I thought I was in my recovery phase yesterday because I loss sense of tasting, things that I usually experienced whenever my body gets better. I suddenly LOA and not feeling to eat anything"  

Began checking. Blood Pressure. Body Temperature. Check on my mouth (probably uvula or tonsils?) whether it gets inflamed or not. Putting on the stethoscope to listen to my body sounds. Onto my lungs whether he listened to wheeze or crackles. Upon finished he told me everything was fine, except for I got inflammation and infection on my throat.

He came on his judgement and told me:

"It's because of your menses, it's exaggerated your pain and putting up the stress, don't worry, I will give you medicines. What I want you to do now, eat more vegetables, less oily, less salty foods, more water and for now don't eat fruits because you got flu".


Okay, I gave him a blank face. He basically telling me something that I've been digested for 4 years. Usually I will make a little 'ruckus' (or big) by viva-ing him. But, I wanted bed so much and I don't questioned him anymore.

So, he asked me:

"Where are you working?" 


" I work in PJ"

"As what?" 


He closed his eyes for a several seconds and continued...

"Oh, I give you one day off okay, rest well and  don;t forget to eat more vegetables and less oily and salty foods.. stay hydrated and take care. 

Oh, thank you.. you too take care. 

I actually wanted to listen to the part where I can't eat fruits because I got flu? luckily he did not mentioned it twice or else I am gonna ask him directly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So, I checked my medication and like usual, I will google every medicine that he prescribed. You can check on this website CLICK HERE . Trusted. This is the website that I used when I was in hospital and we got the handbook for all the drugs from this website as well. The mims book, you get this right dear healthcare student? HAHA.

So, I think, he gave me some unnecessary drugs because some of the things that I mentioned to him was the past. I don't have the problems anymore. Triggered by the "you-cant-eat-fruits-because-you-got-flu", I called the clinic again.

"Hello, I am Fara, I came to the clinic 30 minutes ago, may I speak to Dr XXXX" 

"Hold on Miss"


"Hello Fara" 

"Hello Dr, I came to your clinic just now, if you still remember" 

"Yes yes of course, how may I help you?" 

"I just check the drugs you prescribed me and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah .. I check on the Mims just now and blah blah blah blah blah blah and why do you give me some unnecessary medicines?"

"Oh, that one is actually necessary and depends on your symtoms, as long as you finished your antibiotics regimen, that would be good for me"

"Oh okay, thank you Dr" 

"Okay Fara, have a good rest and take care" 

"You too, bye Dr" 


Hang up.


" Dr, why do you tell me not to take fruit because I have flu? Don't you know I can't live without fruits for a day? I skipped my apple on Thursday and see? I went to see you? Do you have scientific evidence to support your sentence btw? or is it just myth? Because I tried to check on the google if I could find any famous journals telling me this issue. If what you said was true, in a second I will immediately found a journal mentioning fruits will worsen the flu, but there is no research and scientific evidence to support your words. Don't do that doctor"

But, of course, I did not tell him that. HAHA. 

But, seriously, that one is just a myth and maybe some petua, but, as someone who hardly to believe things, I prefer if you give me the reason why and don't give nutrition counselling if you don't have solid judgement, altho, nutrition counselling is just a thing for you, but it's  a HUGE THINGS for people like us. It's our thing, just.don't.mess. 

I sounded arrogant. Whatever. I've been trained this way. 
Don't tell me about nutrition if you don't have any evidence to support your statement.

Although, I don't practise in a hospital, but the farther I go from this field, the passionate I became. Back in the years, I've been force to study, now.. I studied myself. I read journals, I read articles and of course my all time fav, Today's Dietitian . 

I basically spoke to him for 3 minutes? HAHA

I am actually a playful person. But, I did not play when it comes to something that I like. 
God, I can't believe, I became this passionate after 4 years. How mortifying to know this fact. 

Thank you for reading. 

I should sleep, but "you-can't eat-fruits-because-you-got-flu" makes me awake and causes me to type. 

Dr, see, an apple a day, keeps the doctors away. 
I skipped my apple (fruits) last time, and I went to see the doctor......... 
Proverb will never go wrong. 

.... I actually did not have to cover the phone number because its also stated on the drugs packet HAHA.