Back to the old days, we prepared for the mock interview on how to deal with the query from the interviewer itself. Amongst of all the famous questions, strengths and weaknesses were the expected query and even the hardest one to answer. It's so cliche, when people keep on telling you, turns your weaknesses into strengths when they asked you to list things down.

Playing with that question, we (read: I) tend to say:

"Oh God, my weakness is I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS MY WEAKNESS" 

Fast forward to the official mock interview session, I was struggling to think and asked my closest one on my weaknesses. So, they listed them out. But, of course, I won't spill them here.

One of the ambiguous strenghs-weaknesses that I had was: 

Being Perfectionist.

I felt disgusted by that word, honestly. I believe everyone has their own perfection level. But, they must be a reason why they listed them out. So, I asked them to provide me with the justification: 

  • You, sometimes make me sick. It was just a simple mistakes on the lab report, I can cover them with the correction liquid and everything will okay - it was a hand-writing lab report, to prove the work was done by all the team member.
  • We had a big fight, because I sat on your bed and you saw the sheets went wrinkly. 
  • I did not dare to touch your belongings, because you will turn made when you saw it was not on the exact location. 
  • You went all moody, because you saw wrinkly on your clothes. 

If you read my blog, you will know how I led my lifestyle - how OCD is my family, and I believe, that I was not on the list. Little did I know, I was affected by the perfectionism they shown. 

So, slowly, I turned myself to be a normal one. I was a bit happier, because I did not care anymore, either you placed the things at the exact position or no, because things meant to be subjective. I get to learn, that, being perfectionist is okay for yourself, but not to do that, when you work with people. Because, we have to understand the dynamicity of people's brain and attitude as well as the characters. Being in a team, need us to build a mutual understanding. To maintain a good relationship, thus, not to spoil it with something unnecessary just to satisfy your deprivation. 

So, I got to learn the level of perfectionism for some people were vary. Respect them all you can. 


This word meant a subjective things. Not with the decisions or stands, but with the attitude and characters. I tend to be rigid, over something that I've been diffused into. It's hard to change if I don't believe on the things. For example, I've been taught to implement this kind of process in daily life. But you came to change everything without my consent, but instead playing with seniority or power. Of course, I won't follow. Because, it was something new and turned me 360 degress to the whole new person. However, the world also know, I am kind of flexible person, if you diffused the thought softly. 


I am very impatience person. I got this trait from my dad. But, luckily, my impatience level are following the points. In the other words, being rational while in an impatience state (is there this kind of state?) For example, I know, there will be a traffic-jammed, why fret when you obviously know, it will test your patience level?  My kind of impatience can be categorised as a selfish-impatience. If I want something, I want it to be done immediately, quickly, with no time interval. Get it done right away. 

That was back on the old days. The good ol' days. 

I will never acknowledge that, this is my weakness and I believe everyone have this kind of weaknesses as well? Ever heard about "tarbiah sentap"? For those who does not know, its the way of giving advises thru the coarse way. Harsh - like a bullet striking your heart. 

I will never respect those who give me a 'casual reprimand' or a 'public criticism' or 'voice-out dissatisfaction comment' in front of the audience, over something that is unplanned to do so. This is also, I called as "tarbiah sentap" as well. I respect build up criticism with good interpersonal and counselling skills. Because, comments and criticism meant to bring changes. So, if you plan to change something or someone, do it the right way, the professional way. Or, in the other meaning - face to face advises. One to one advises. Because, we have a reason to do something that people has criticised, so we don't want them to let a word on us, without knowing the reason right? A good discussion, will bring a good outcome.

We came from a different shape, if oval does not fits rectangle, combine them, don't change the shape. Because, for a long term, it will tell by itself that it does not fits. So, to avoid that things happen: eliminate the oval and brings all rectangles or accept each other reasoning and bomb the world with great duo! - Mutual trust, understanding and relationship. 

Good Night. 

P/s: Sorry for the long hiatus.