Upon writing this, I am on my bed, it's still early, 9.45 pm. Today, is really my first day to my remembrance that I'm resting really well. Where, I straight away going home after my working hour's done. Usually, I will stop by Cinta's place, to have a dinner with her, then only I go home. Approximately around 10 pm. Arrived home, showered, prepare for the next day & sleep. The routine's rolling. Since my convocation day, in which it almost 2 weeks past - my life has been in a roller coaster mode. Still, digesting the facts that I am now a working lady, staying on my own, now having a commitment, in a phase where I trying to tone down my circle. Because, life has just started.

So, what is the different between my student life, and my working life? The obvious changes, I was 'richer' when I was a student, compared to in a working life. You still remember my convocation day right? I was gloriously wearing a pink gown with my 50% discount high heels.

These were my pre-convo photos

That day, marked the last day, I was receiving an allowance from my parents. My parents gave me some amounts of money as a gift for my convo day, and as a starter to start my new life. The next day (after convo), was my payday. Half of my salary actually, because I just joining the company on the mid month. It was on the airport, when I handed mom and dad an amount of my salary. Of course, they rejected. I told them, that was my first salary, so I really appreciated if they received mine, although it's incomparable to the amount the gave me for all these years, but, still, I want to be a normal daughter, who allocate some amounts of her wages to their parents. Although, it's seriously incomparable to their value, it's really a first step to be a better daughter.

I tend to be overthinking whenever I am alone. How great it was to be pampered under our parents's arms. Especially, when dad's texted me that my allowance has been credited to my acc. It's not because I wanted his money (actually, yes).. but it sucks to realise that you are a lady now, and you work for your own future, and no longer receiving the same love, as you had before. Because, people see you as a person who is grown up, and your decision is taking into account and your opinion need to be heard- because you are a lady. So, you wont get kisses from them every time and every minutes.

It's great to be a kids again? no?