Lately, I've been so busy. I chose to be busy and this is what we called as a pretty hectic. Literally. For the past few weeks, I've experienced so many new things. Working life, girlfriends's time, family's time, personal life on how I trained myself as a professional young woman into a maturity world.

Up until this time, I stayed in Cinta's place and haven't move in to my new house. I was waiting for everything to be settled then only I move in. Hopefully, after my graduation day. I'll be graduated guys and yayy, it's a week from now on.

Working Life.

Being a minority in your working environment, sure a tough things!. I've always believed how good is my surviving skills, so that kind of thought never let me down. I felt blessed the company treats me well. All the superiors were so kind and had brought me for lunch together. Even the manager always treats us for lunch! It's still early, but I like them now!. Basically, during my week 1 of working life, I did a little bit training, how to conduct a microcirculation test  using microscope, how to prick someone's finger to test on their cholesterol, glucose, uric acid, and the basic thing; how to take someone's blood pressure. I learnt that during my matriculation and during year 2 in University - for the finger pricking. I was so nervous, because I haven't done that for ages, but luckily, my superior was so helpful and nice. So, she trained me from scratch.

When I thought, I am going to do some opposite practice as a dietitian, I was a bit sad but but but, hey basically what my superior showed me last time during the wellness program, was similar with the dietitian's practice. We recommend something based on individual's condition, thru their blood test and all. So, I was happy. I can relate it during my OPD training. I checked their anthropometry, intrepreting the biochemistry results and advise them on the general dietary regimen and suggest on the oral nutrition support if applicable. But, as I am working in the company, I did everything what I've done before.. but, advanced to some management task and of course, I have to recommend them on the product from our company!. So, I am still in the product training process.

My first task given by my superior was in charge of the simple blood test. Hm,, I think, I did pretty well. Lol. (I had to blacken the subject's face, because of confidentiality and I am not sure if he is willing to show his face publicly!)

Looking forward for the second week tomorrow!

Girlfriends's Time.

Because I lived with them as for now, so most of my time are with them. I've felt blessed of having them around. The consideration and love they gave me are infinity. I am grateful, and mesmerised with their kindness. We have been friends since 13, and this 10 years friendships are beyond amazing. Cinta has the motherhood personality, since she is the elder sister in her family, and I am the (almost) youngest. See, how good is the connection. I was in a pell-mell situation, and she acted like a mother to me. Oh, I forgot to tell you about another friend, her name is Dyra. If you read my previous post (really really really old post) , you will know her a little bit.

There was a pretty one night, I was bored staying in the room and I told them to eat dinner outside.. it was really an impromptu plan. About 9-ish pm, so we were rushing and luckily the Chicken Rice shop was still opened!.

Family Time

I am officially staying in peninsular. My sister 's family who were residing in Johor now had moved in to Sabah. Now, the Kota Kinabalu's sister has moved in to Peninsular following her husband. My youngest sister is still in Shah Alam. So, I also went to see them very frequent, cos I missed home so much. At least, meeting them can ease my feelings!.

My nieces, Meimei and Koko. Koko is the only one in the family who has a curly hair and has a strong peninsular genetic! hahah.

I did not bring any clothes from home, so I need to buy all the things. Money was flowinggggggg like a water... 

Convocation Day

Since my big day is around the corner, today we went for a pre-shoot convo, and here's a little teaser shot by Era's camera and some using my phone.. and... I'm still waiting for our official pre-shoot convo photos from him.  After the wellness program ended, I rushed to Eya's home and I was exhausted!, but it's worth it!.

Mizah, Nurin and I. 

I had no idea what's with this photo. 

I was about to sneeze, because I can't cooperate with the hot weather, so I got a little flu. But, are you trying to comfort me there little girl?

I was not comfortable taking photo with graduation mortar hat at this moment, because it occupied the space!.

The shade was given by Cinta and Tikah! as my convocation present from them. I had my pimple on my forehead. But, it did not affect my mood!So, I was a happy girl!.

Introducing the only physioteraphy girl in this friendship!.

Have a nice day!.