It's been a long time since I last blogged, in case if you don't know, I opened my blog 24/7, being away from mammiapappia made me a lost persona. I've been doing some little work inside my daddy's place. Through this probation period (not really a probation), I mingled with some of the staffs of the office, and they talked to me on the real life thingy. God, to earn some pence, they need to work really hard. In real life, there's no such thing as, don't work hard, just work smart. Because, obviously, as an employee, you can't work smart, you have two combine them all, work smart and work hard. Work smart means, you can skip some time, but in real life, you have to be in the office 8 to 5.  The reason why people want to go back to their study time, is because they can 'work smart', even though not hard. Just to earn few pennies.

Through these two days of "working life", some of them also told me, the challenges of being a freshly graduate. Points to ponder:

1) You do not compare yourself with others. Although, you have been together for some period of study time, but, the real life just started.

2) The new challenges in this era is social media. People look at someone's achievement, and they felt insecure and started questioning themselves: why can't I be like them? I have a degree but why can't I be in the line? So, what you gotta do, is try to be positive and keep reminding yourself, each person own a different path in life. They don't define your happiness.

3) Between pursuing your study and working?? some of them have different thoughts, but, what makes me awake was, this economical problem in Malaysia, you have to earn money, and gather as many as experience you have, and your value rate, will go higher as you gathered many experiences. If you planned to continue your study, it is also a good choice, however, you have to have like really have a back up plan. (I'm listening this from a working woman, so argument - able statement is here).

In their opinion, me rejecting the job offer last time, was totally a wasted. Honestly, I have 3 reasons why, and of course most of you who read my last post also wondered why:

a) that company, does not have halal cert - how am I gonna convince the muslim clients on this issue?
b) they won't allow me to go to my convocation day, because I need to go to attend the training, before starting to work.
c) the salary, RM1800 (the place was away from home, rental places bla bla bla) - I know, this is the weakest reason ever.

4) Don't be picky on the job offers. Opportunity only comes one. Grab it.

I guess the reason why dad really wanted me, to present myself in his place was because:
- He wants to educate me on the real life, wants me to mingle around and see how hard it is to earn some money, wants to me build my circle, not only spewing some time to do unnecessary things. Lesson obviously learnt.

Since the audience of this blog is also growing, I also need to be very careful, extra careful in posting some of my private life. I am getting attached to this blog, and somehow, I forgot there are people who read my blog, until the next day, I found out, there are hundreds to almost thousand views, and I gotta be honest.. hahaah somehow my educational post did not caught your eyes, and probably you guys have been skipping that part, so the knowledgable posts get lesser views than the private post (in a short term basis) But, I have to admit, over the time, the views of those knowledgable posts are increasing. For the sake of maturity (hehe), I am going to do some informative posts and for the mammiapappia's future as well!. (Hopefully, I am hardworking enough to do that), and lets work hard on something and something!

I, have to admit, for the past few months, I've been instilling some negative thought inside my mind, so, let's make a little changes, little by little, for a better future. Some people are less fortunate, they cry because they can't eat, some people also think, they are less fortunate, because they can't afford to buy something. These are two different matters, so whatever you do, just work hard for the future.

Lets spread the positivity around us :)

The one who work hard for the rest of us, your daddy.
 Thank you daddy. May Allah bless your soul and your life.