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Now, I am home. I've forgotten how to be someone living in a house, as a home stayer. Was away from home since 13 years old, 10 years passed and here I am, started to live as a permanent stayer. 

I don't know how to start. Should I help mom doing chores? Honestly, I am not used to it. Home feels like a foreign place to me.  Imagine, I never wash my own clothes here at home, now I am 23, and I should do so? I also don't know how to use washing machine. Being a hostel girl, I just insert some coins, put the laundry and wait for 30 minutes, then the clothes are ready, or just a simple hand washing. Being home, I don't understand the operation. 

Room. I know, every of us, will have our own room, or shared room. But, I feel awkward in my own room and request for a change. Hence, I got one. But, I don't know how to settle it, because I still have 8 boxes from peninsular waiting to arrive in my place. So, I was thinking to start arranging the things once they are in front of the door. 

Jobs. Career. These 2 words are really causing me having a terrible headache. I should have a career before graduation and at least a part time job first while searching for a career. 

Staying in Semporna causes you to have a lack of opportunity to work. BUT A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR. But, I don't really want to lead people, because I lack of financial support. Being an entrepreneur, request you to have a pool amount of money. But, I don't have that? Sad life. Anyone wants to sponsor?

A dilemma of a 23 years old girl seeking for a job, a career hopefully.