Back from ICU attachment, was so lazy to queue to buy dinner. Decided to head up to the room and start charging my phone. Was thinking of eating only instant noodles. Because I know, when I have my period, I started to reduce my intake, hormonal changes. Seriously, I also don't understand myself, a week before I got my mens, I can binge the foods.. but, soon I have it, it reduced. 

Thousand of messages popped up from Whatsaap. It was 5.30 pm. Can you believe, I did not touch my phone since morning? Yes you have to believe, because I left my USB charger and the battery was drained. Yes, another way to stay away from phone obviously. I got 4 misscalls from dad and from Aily. It was 5.40pm. Dad called me back and we chatted. I called mom asking for her news. I settled everything. Then, only I checked my whatsaap

"Lets go for dinner at Sushi King tonight, will go there at 6pm, and you please be ready" Aily told me. 

I did not expect him to come to bring me for dinner today as he just get back from Langkawi and his flight was this morning. Telepathy was awesome, is this the reason why I suddenly so lazy to buy food? Because, the 'mind' knows that Aily will come and bring me for dinner? 

He arrived in KTSN at 7++ pm, nearly Maghrib. He managed to get through the challenging 1 hour to pass-the-peak-hour-at-the-road from Bangi to KL and as soon as he arrived, he quickly get out of the car and settled the things that need to be done.  I told him to text me when he settled the prayer/toilet, then only I down the stairs. 

The moment I entered the car, he handed me these

1 box of Ferrero Rocher
1 Box of Beryl Tiramisu (Almond Milk Chocolate)
1 Box of Beryl Tiramisu (Almond White Chocolate)
1 Box of Beryl Super Milk
1 Box of Kinder Bueno 
A fridge magnet
A beach flowy pants
Kain Batik?? HAHA

I was so happy plus feeling funny receiving all these souveniers from him. I seriously can't brain the fact that he's buying me kain batik?? Anyway, I love that beach flowy pants. Totally fit my taste, and the chocolates, though I don't really love chocolate but I like these so much. Especially the tiramisu one.  

So, we went to Times Square to eat the Bonanza, as a return, I belanja him for dinner? hahaha.

Good Bye Instant Noodles. 
You are seriously not good for health. But, a good one for the lazy people like me.