Mom and dad are obviously getting older, and the youngest will also obviously be a woman soon. Me  too. Last weekend, I spent my whole life with them. I acted like such a matured woman, managing my sister registered for University and college. Because I understand, during the registration, no cars would be allowed to enter the college area, as it will be occupied with people, so,  you imagine, i carried and lifted all her luggages from the parking area to his room which is in the level 1. Luckily, only one staircase to reach to her room. 

I seriously think, I need to be more mature, have my goals, my mission and vision, and I don't care if I need to start from the bottom, as long as I can achieve the goals, then it would be alright. To be honest, now, with the current economy,  I understand it's hard to secure a career. These are all inside my mind. But, yes, I would make sure, I secure myself with a job soon, and at least, before I graduated. I mean with a career, not a really a job. 

I am so jealous, looking at the people's achievements!. They really inspired me to work harder and earn a better living. And the biggest inspirations are my family, mom and dad. I don't want them to struggle just to provide us with a better living right now. It's time for me to give everything they want. Mom and dad are now in their aging process, and I could not handle looking at them without having my feelings ache. It hurts my feelings that they are still working hard just for the two of us. They supposed to play and spend their leisure time with their grandchildren. 

 Now, I am 23 years old.