Ever since of my menarche, mom would take care of me (the first three days) as she forced me to drink thousand bottles of water, just to prevent what people called "Senggugut" during the menstrual. I, somehow felt abnormal, as I did not experience all those sucks abdominal pain due to mens. I mean, I did have the backpain, tender breast and sometimes that stomachache, and not to mention, the  gigantic acne either on my forehead or cheeks, but I never had any dying moments due to mens. I was very stable back then, and somehow, I did not noticed any changes until it started bleeding. Then, I know, Okay, I got a period. In which hostel students called "ABC" which stands for "Allah Bagi Cuti".

Back to the high school, I remembered when Mia told me, that she was unstable and easily felt irritated over something when that cycle about to come. I was not paying any attention, well, I know, I am such a stable girl, I concealed the feelings, and I would angry over something rational. Hence, to my knowledge, I am normal on that!. But, one thing I realized, my hormone tends to follow the person I am close to, at that moment. I knew this thing long ago. When I close to Eya, I will followed her cycle, and for the last semester, I realized, I followed Era's cycle, well obviously, because she was my teammate (missing her suddenly)  and somehow following Adek. I don't know about Luah, because Luah did not pray, she is chinese hehe

When we were in our first year, Era broke her own flask and started to cry, she said, she was a bit sensitive whenever the cycle about to come. Nah, I know, I was not that type. But, I heard those emotional thingy repeatedly from many friends. I started to develop that emotional things!. To my knowledge, it started with the emotional eater. I binged on foods and non-stop eating. Always craved for something sweets or ughh you name it!. I, then noticed on the emotional changes that I have. 

A week or two prior to the mens, my grumpiness level reached it's limit. In which I know, it would make people mad at me and started a fight. Seriously. Especially Aily, he is always become the first victim of my PMS problem. I asked him to figure out what was the causes of my anger, and he seems so clueless. Then, the anger turned into madness!. I want him to say YES for everything I want and I said.  I actually do not care whether he will do it or not, but I just wanted to listen to the word YES. But, being Aily, he would do, whatever it takes, if he ever say YES over something. Can you see how complex it is? 

For example, I ask him to fly to Netherland to bring me Tulips.. all I want to hear was, YES, I WILL. 
But, he was being rational, instead of saying YES, he said, NO, PLEASE BE REALISTIC.  ALL I WANT TO HEAR WAS YES, I DID NOT MEANT TO ASK HIM TO REALLY FLY TO NETHERLAND JUST BECAUSE OF THAT? But, I want the YES answer. Hence, because of the FANTASY-DREAMER-GIRL-ME, and REALISTIC-SO-ANNOYING-AILY, we fought. End up, he said YES!. Okay, then, my madness episode gone. 

I sent him, Keropok Lekor photo, all I want to hear was, "Okay, will buy that for you"
But, he said, "Wow that looks delicious". Nah, I seriously wanted to cry because he was not that sensitive. I want the keropok lekor, not asking for his opinion. Come to think about that, that photo was actually just a photo, in which it would express many meanings, and I did not even said a word about what I want.  Having a PMS, you started acting childish, and started to make things even rigid. Pity, Aily

And one more stupid things I did was, I seek for my friends attention as well. HAHAHAH. I actually want them to reply to my text and feel excited together, sharing things together at that moment, but they did not. I burst, I said, they did not even reply to my text and bla bla bla bla. I originally wanted to type on WhatsAap that, they did not love me anymore, but, that was embarrassing. So, I said something with a frustrated sentences and left that group. HAHAHA. Not one group. But, 3 GROUPS!. Hahahaha.

PMS really could make a person kills another life. Don't play with the girls, man. Oops, in case if you don't know, PMS means, Premenstrual syndrome.