Hi! Are you interested in Boat Noodle? Feel free to read the review below. 

This is my first time going to Boat Noodle. A great opportunity to grab and to dine in when you don't know where to eat to fulfil you hunger. Boat Noodle. I was so clueless of how the system works there. How to order, what I should pick, mix and match and so on. Glad, my friends of mine went there for so many times, thus they assisted me to make an order. If you can see the first photo, someone's hand was on the menu. Yes, she was telling us to choose what kind of noodles we wanted to try. 


1) Choose your preferred noodles (Rice Noodle or Egg Noodle)
2) Choose your fillings. ( Beef Rice Noodle/Egg Noodle or Chicken Rice Noodle/Egg Noodle)
3)Choose your preferred gravy (Pathumthani or Ayutthaya)

List of the menu. It has many selections, from their boat noodle, rice, side dishes, desserts and beverages. The name of the dishes are derived from Thailand language also a translation to English. Price also provided on each dishes.

After choosing your preferred dishes, one can help to write down the code of each dishes that have been selected onto their order paper. When you order more than one of their style boat noodles with varies type of noodles and gravies, trust me you will get headache. You need to recalculate the number ordered to see if it is tally with the person preferences. I ordered 4 bowls of their boat noodles. All are  chicken rice noodles but with different gravies. 2 rice noodles with Ayutthaya gravy, another 2 with Pathumthani.

In case you questioned, how could one person can ordered 4 bowls of noodles in one time. So, this picture might help you to get the answer.

Style Boat Noodle (Chicken Rice Noodles with Pathumthani gravies)
Price: RM1.90 per bowl
Taste: 3/5

Style Boat Noodle (Chicken Rice Noodles with Ayutthaya gravies)
Price: RM1.90 per bowl
Taste: 4/5

2 bowls of Chicken Rice Noodles with Ayutthaya gravies. One bowl only need about 3 to 5 spoon-feed. However, next time, I will only order 3 instead of 4.

Diet Advise
The portion size might be a bit tricky for people who needs to control his/her food intake.
Energy Estimation: 
85 to 100 kcal/bowl.

So, we have done with our main dishes. Now, the girls and I moved to pick our side dishes, and these are what we have ordered.


Yum Seafood
Price: RM13.90 
Taste: 3.5 /5

Consist of squids, processed crabs, prawns, baby tomatoes, glass noodles, salad, holland, herbs. 
It has soury-taste yet tolerable. Suitable for people on diet, because they are using healthy cooking method. In my opinion, you need to share it in order to finish it. 

Diet Advise: 
It's good for people who want to control their fat intake for calories control. It has low fat cooking method. Plus, could help to increase the fiber consumption (if you eat the greens). Watch out if you have gout, because seafood is high purine foods. 

Fruit Somtam 
Price: RM6.50
Taste: 5/5

Consist of grand smith, blackcurrant, corns, legumes, baby tomatoes. Personally, I really like and fall in love with the taste. The combination of the taste really brings out its personality.

Diet Advise:
For those who  have inadequate fiber intake, this selection of foods, can really hepls you in order to achieve the recommendation of 20-30g of fiber intake per day.

Chicken Wings
Price: RM4.30
Taste: 4/5 -According to my friend (I don't eat the chicken) 

When it says Chicken wings, it is. This is the portion. Really small. 

Diet Advise:
Good for those who is underweight, who wants to increase his/her body weight. Chicken wing is a source of protein which is high in fat. 

Done with the side dishes. Now, move to the beverages. 


Thai Ice Blended Tea
Price: RM8.90

Sorry, dunno whats the name. But, its green tea. I am not going to do a review on beverages, because, I am not drinking any sugary and milky beverages. Plus, I don't drink tea with milk. 

Overall Review: 

Taste: 4/5
Environment: 3/5
Uniqueness: 4/5
Price: 4/5

Thanks for reading.