Not trying to be like one of the hipster girls out there, but I am trying to blend myself with coffee. Trying to blend in with the society too. However, though I had the desire to try... still, I don't have the gut to buy the coffee. Everytime, I go for grocery shopping, I seem to ignore the fact that coffee is actually just at the next rack of the tea boxes. In fact, some of it, might be placed in the same rack!. Talk no more. 

So last time, I went to Times Square with Mizah to have our lunch. We went to Sopoong, one of the Korean authentic restaurant. If you see the tagline, related to mommy-mommy something (I forgot), that is Sopoong okay. It's halal. Don't worry. So back to the story, after having our lunch, Mizah went to buy a new handbag and I went to buy a camisole at F.O.S. It was my lucky day, as F.O.S was having their promotion!. 3 pairs only RM9. HAHA. Soooo, factory outlet guys. How come the price dropped to RM3 per pair, (The original price was RM19.90). Luckily, I did not grab the one with the tag of RM42 per pair. Mizah brought me to the end of that department, then.. We saw that mind-blowing promotion. 

Earlier, I told Mizah, to remind me to buy tea before we go back to college, because I finished my stock already. Unfortunately, we were so absorbed with the Christmas decorations at the mall and forgot about the tea thingy and just start calling GrabCar to fetch us up. The moment, we entered the car,  I told Mizah ..I HAVEN'T BUY MY TEA. OMG, HOW AM GONNA LIVE MY LIFE   TOMORROW..!Then, I told the driver to stop at any convenient shops if we found it on our way.

Luckily, we saw 7 eleven and I get off the car immediately and rushed into the shop. Just for that precious tea. .To no avail, they were out of stock too. Why on earth people no selling tea alongside the road!. Nevermind, I just grab whatever on sights. Taraaa.. my first ever, coffee that I purchased for myself...

FIRST CLASS INDOCAFE COFFEEMIX 3 IN 1. I bought a box of it with the price RM2.50 
(5 sachet). It was 3 weeks ago, but still I have still 3 sachets left!. Because, for me 1 sachet means, 3 times feedings. 1 sachet divided for 3 days. Haha.

On my way back to college, we stopped at Era's room because Mizah wanted to get something. On that day, Era won a lucky draw  during her Fun Run Event, so she got a big box of INDOCAFÉ, which have many types of coffees inside. She offered me and Mizah to grab some. So, being the greedy girl I was and the heart started wanting some coffee. Thus, I took 3 sachets for each flavor. Here's the list.

1) INDOCAFÉ Cappucino 5 in 1

It has a milky like flavor, and to be honest, I never drink for full strength. 1 sachet I divided into 5 time feedings.


I went for full feeding (1 sachet) once, however, I felt dizzy and some shortness of breath (SOB)., though I only had 5-6 sips of that coffee. The next day, I only took 1/3 of the sachet and managed to drink to 7 sips.

3) INDOCAFÉ Caffe Latte

I forgot the exact taste of this. I only took 1/4 sachet of this. 
However, never trust my review because, I did not drink it for full sachet. 

So, what did I get after trying to drink Coffee for almost 3 weeks? 

1) I got headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, tachycardia and feeling want to vomit, If I go for full sachet and managed to finish the drink. 

2) I told my clinical preceptor, and she is a dietitian too, about my condition and she said, some people have intolerance towards coffee. It might because of the body doesn't adapt to coffee and some even have hypersensitivity. 
3) I tried for 3 weeks and see if got any changes in terms of the toleration. I stepped up the intake from 1/3 to 1/2 to 1 sachet. Oh crap!. I still can't handle it. 

4) Now, I plan for an allergy test, and see if I got allergies towards anything and to check either  the intake of coffee will change my normal physiological function.

5) The limitation is: I am busy for the whole weekdays.The only way to get a cheaper test is doing it in HUKM, hope I get some discount haha, because I am a student okay!. Private clinic costs  almost thousand bucks to do it. (I guess..haha) Opted for cheaper selection. 

Until then..
Today, is the first day I drink tea after 3 weeks of evaluation for coffeee.. 
Now, can you please stand up and sing this song: 

Sabah Tanah airku...
Negeri kita yang tercinta..
Pemuda Pemudi semua marilah..
Bangunlah bersatu semua...

Thanks for making my morning fresher!