I was about to sleep but I 'postponed' as I have something great to share. I know nothing about sports and of course far from any knowledge about football or team or match or anything related  to it. Such a noob I am. I admit.

The only thing I know about football was the names of their teams, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and whatnots. Oh ya, I know Chelsea is blue, MU is red Liverpool and arsenal also red? Not sure. (Tell you, I know almost nothing)

Tonight, Ejat told me and uncover my ignorance on this matter. Of course he would brag and tell me about Chelsea, as he is on that side. At first, I don't really care about it and he asked me to search #ktbffh and report to him of the findings. Yes, of course, everything related to his team. At first, I was thinking maybe he wants me to see his vacation photos on Instagram, so he asked me to search this tag. Second, maybe it was about the event that he's on. Apparently, it was all about Chelsea.

Before I sleep, I spend some times to scroll twitter and I saw many things related to #KTBFFH and texted him on that. He opened his story and bla bla bla. So, as an excited girl I am to know this thing, I feel proud  and was thinking of bragging to my girlfriends. (Hopefully they do not know what does it means by #KTBFFH, so that I can brag more. LOL.

Ejat, I know I am such a follower, but, its okay, allow me to be one of this 'passve member' of your team!.

#KTBFFH hahaha!

Errrr. hye. I am new here. helloo
(I like red, should I save my spot on MU too?)