"Selamat Hari Raya dan jangan lupa makan kuih raya banyak-banyak tau Widad" I told her before we end our conversation.

"Xbole la akak, Widad da kena tegur dengan Dr".

Dush, this is directly splashing into my face. My weight is almost 60kg and it's really terrifying. Though my height is 162 cm with the BMI of 22.8kg/m² and still consider as normal, but guys, I should 'retune' it to the range of 19-21kg/m². So, I will have some gap before reaching the borderline.

I will be doing and practice all the things that I have learnt throughout the years of studying. Like calculating my energy requirement and my BMR according to Harris-Benedict Equation which is really close to all the Dietetics and Nutritions students out there and doing menu distribution based on the exchanges of my energy requirement.

Reference Book For Dietitian : Masfara Wahidah AR 2016
This is the most important book for us during our clinical year and can be used forever.

So, here we go.

According to Harris-Benedict Equation:

BMR : 655.10 + 9.56 (wt) +1.85 (ht) - 4.68 (A)

 BMR = 655.10 + 9.56 (60) + 1.85 (162) - 4.68 (22)
           = 1425.

Energy Requirement : BMR x SF x AF

ER = 1425 x 1.0 x 1.2 
      = 1710 kcal/day

Hence, my energy requirement for a day is 1710 kcal, since I want to reduce my weight so I need to reduce 500 kcal for a day, hence my ER is only 1210 ~ 1200 kcal/ day. 

With the distribution of macronutrient:

Carbohydrate: 50%, Protein :20% and Fat :30%

Let's see how is the distribution of the calories go. I writed it on the paper as I need to improve my skills. Pardon me for my bad and not organized hand-writing

Can you see everything look like a mess and not been done neatly? Not being a defensive person, but here are my justifications :

1) I NEVER practice doing this almost a year and this is my first time recalling back the memory of doing this food exchanges. This resulting of the so-mess-up-handwriting-plus-not-having-liquid-paper-to-erase-the-mistakes. So, I used the black permanent marker to erase it.

2) I need to rush as I timed myself to do this. Reduce the duration of making the exchanges. I don't have the time to erase it, to creating a new content on a new paper. Just go along with the flow!. 

Thank you for spending your time on this!