Finally, it's the end of our clinical orientation week. Yes. I AM SO GLAD. Been waiting for Friday to come to refresh everything and lump the 3 years knowledge in a week, so that you can survive your clinical year!. < < < This is exactly what I wanna do during this Raya break. HOPEFULLY.

So far, everything went well and the dietitians there were also supportive. Let's pray for the positivity keeps on spreading till the end of this course.

Remember when I told you, I want to be a morning person? I know, I keep on repeating this nonsense, but trust me, you better change your behaviour too. Not asking nor forcing you, but, it's really helpful! Especially during your practical day/working day. As tomorrow will be a days off, hopefully I can still implement this.

One more thing, the perks of having a bunch of friends from different field as yours, you get to know many things and getting a free service from them as well.

It was a very nice evening after we finished our briefing, I complained of having backache to my Physio friend (Aiyai) and she immediately asks me like some of the bla bla bla and checking on my back and pressing some of the bla bla bla which I do not know and forgot the name.  But i am pretty sure that is muscle and bone related. We did learn it during our Anatomy class but.. everything just .......

She made her diagnosis and finally she told me I had muscle spasm due to the incorrect way of sitting on a chair and many bla bla bla thing which I forgot hahaha. But points to ponder are, we shall practice the correct way to sit and make sure to always do some stretching in order to make the muscle more relax. So, readers, don't forget to do the stretching okey!. Love yourself as says by Justin Bieber.

Until then!