Since I was a kid, I learnt that people are the same. My mom was always pitching her voice to us telling us that maid is not a maid. They are helpers and she really dislikes the word maid to be tiltled to someone who works in our household. So, what does helper means? they help us. they help you. Of course. Being a daughter of my mom, I never had this free time to rely everything to our helper. To make things simple, our helper will help us to wash clothes and the folding task is ours. I will cook for the family, helper will help me to make up everything, and this could be twisted for me, I dislike cooking, so she will cook and I will clean everything up. When our family already had our meals, I will help her to wipe the table and she will help me to bring the plates out of the dining room. She is like our family too.

For the past few years I rarely going back to home as I was so busy settling with my university thingy. So I had to stay at KL. But, The moment I came home, I saw this beautiful girl who is not-so-talkative yet so hardworking to do the chores and I like her.  She is our new helper. She likes to smile!.

I remember, long time ago, the moment I finished my meal, she asked for my plate because she wanted to wash it, but I said, nevermind, I can do myself. She insisted but who can fight my stubborness? Of course, I won. In my thought, I want to help to reduce her burden but, without me knowing, I left such unpleasant feelings to her. Until the day I found out about that, she told me that I am her employer's daughter and she does not want me to work, my parents already paid her to do chores and it cause the guiltiness on hers. Aww. She was so innocent. Then, I said, it's okay, just treat me like the rest, although I am seldomly home and rarely meeting you, just treat me like them. I can help you, you can help me. It's always that as a bussiness I told her. She nodded. 

Only God's know when was the lines between us getting thinner, and now she likes to tease me! I had to admit, that I woke up really late at my home ( consider waking up at 9 am, is late because in our place, waking up more than 8 am is considered late), and the moment I wake up I saw her, holding the mopper mopped our floors and I asked her a favour. She said Eh, I don't want to help you followed with chuckled, and we are getting close even now. 

She already working with us more than a year, and I hope she keeps her attitude like that, so humble and so respectful. I pray so that you can live a better life soon. Although, *(if) you don't have any beliefs, hope you can find your destiny. The right one which will lead  you to Jannah. May Allah open your heart, so that we can still meet at Jannatul Firdaus hereafter.
I bear witness that there is no God except ALLAH and I bear witness that Muhammad S.A.W is the messenger of Allah