When your family members asked you to buy something for them, and you give them "GST"  upon purchasing.  Well, another way to earn money. Legit!. But then, starting from now on NO GST for them. Because you know, the more you giving high charges, you will see high decrement of the money on your account!. I bet this is the most relevant definition of FAIRNESS.

Before it happens to me, I will just stop the 'operation'. LOL

I hope our PM will see my post.


I believe you will never let Malaysia down, it was just some of the coincident happened and everything was blame on your shoulder, but then you should consider on some other people who cant make the living now, on how would they pay for such an amount of  money for the "high living cost yet low income situation".

If I can stop the small "GST" operation for my sisters, brothers and my lovely parents, why would not you? Talking about producing significant income to the country, but to no avail, I did not see any changes or at least changes to me as a student!.

Well, I still experienced how expensive the things were!.
(Yes, I am pretending to be significant in the eye of the country)