Can I pretending like I am a really significant person or girl in this universe?

1) I am a really old-school teenager* ( young woman) in this century, as I put Starbuck or Coffee  Bean or San Fransisco at the bottom of my restaurant/cafe/coffee shop preferences. In fact, I don't really like coffee or sweet beverages.  To be honest,  tried some of the hipster famous type of coffees, like Frapuccino , Coffee latte, Machiato. ( Ignore my wrong spelling on this). but then, I only managed to take a sip or two.  Not a suitable partner to accompany you to those coffee shop. Sorry.

2) Though I dislike any coffee shops, I went to almost franchise coffee shop here in KL. You named it. I at least went there once or many times. Curious? Because Aily likes coffee so much. So of course I take a sip from his drink. To taste.  Yet I like cakes so much, Aily then bought me a cakes and poured a glass ( or a paper lol) of plain water.

3) Yesterday, I drank 2 small bottles of mineral water, and managed to finished them all. I commanded Aily to buy a bottle more. He went to the Guardian and bought 1.5 L for me. HAHAHA. Smart ! haha.

4) I don't like chocolates and flowers. But, a flower is a must for a girl. Though I do not like them, I still put flowers or choose a flowery design to hold my curtains in my hostel room. And I have lottttttttt of flowers in my own room at the house. Or actually I like flowers but I just don't accept the facts? or is it because its natural for a girl to have a flowers? Am not a fan of chocolate, any chocolate flavour is definitely out from my list. But I still eat chocolates, not a huge fan. (

5) I am not born to be a potential hiker like my friends do. I tried to be one, but then, I will always at the bottom. Actually, I can fight them, I just don't set my mind on it or put any interest. HAHA. The facts that I tried to be more positive lol, does not hide the facts my friends are all great on that. If you asked me, who is my friend that has the potential on this. I would nominating Syaffierra Shariff from Temerloh, Pahang!!!!!!!.

6) For me, room is a private stuff, if you are NOT a close people to me, neither I command you to sit on my bed, JUST DO NOT SIT. In whatever places I go, I will make sure, I have my own bed to rest or a room.  I think this is the reason why dislike to go to stay night in someone's house. I believe everyone does have this in their mind.

7) I am afraid or will think many times or doubt my decision if I want to ask or borrow someone stuff. But this situaton never applied to my mom and dad, any my youngest sister and of course Aily. Not forgotten, never applied to Yok, Jong, Cinta, Yaw, Pai, Eya and Adek (For cidak, I am still shy-shy to you okey) (Actually they have a pretty names, but this one will do HAHA) and some of my university friends.

8)If you ever asked me, about my friends in university and my best friends of how far they resembles each other. I'd love to say that, Eya and Jong (Mia). They have many things in common for me. The most obvious one is their names, Amirah Aqilah binti Abd Rahim (Eya) and Nur Amirah binti Abd Nuri (Jong). Pai and Era they like hiking. Adek and Cinta because they are sweet as sugar I think.  Yaw is the same like Nurin, because they are soft and can I say they are Miss knows everything?. I think these people are resembles each other. Lastly, on Mizah and Cidak, but, Mizah is the manja version and cidak is the independent version.  Kak yong does not resembles anyone. Because she is the ONE. hehe. But to be honest I do not want you to meet and close to each other. HAHA. I just want you to be friended with me ONLY. Insecurities do arise.

9) I planned to put this number 9 for someone.. She also does not resembles anyone. With strong yet kind personality and no control-control and high confident level of girl. Sporting and yet a cry baby to the max. I can say that she is full of passion. If she likes, she likes it so much, if she dont like if, even you throw her to the hell just to force her to like that thing.  she would always  say NO!!. But still, she has the motherly side hahahahahahaha. this award goes to YOKKKKKKKK!!. She is the ONE AND ONLY!.

10) I like Adele's song, not Adele. I like and love everything about Charice Pempengco even though she is lesbian. Her personal life is hers. I think I am going to like Ariana Grande. And is there anyone who is obsessed over me?
11) I like number 7. I don't know of my favourite colors, but for sure, I like the combination of light green, smooth pink and white. I do not like the flowery design, though its beautiful, its messy and not in arrangeable mode. But I planned to have like million of flowers in my wedding ceremony. In every design , I would choose any organized abstracts or any lines design.

12) I would make sure, If I want to give someone a gift, I want it to be useful.

13) I do not like toys or bears, yet, I always get that from someone.

14) I think I am obsessed with myself too, of how much I like my names, show how much I like myself.

15) When I was young, I have a crush over my best friend. But he does not like me, in fact he does not like anyone. But when he said he likes me, I just realized that  I DONT LIKE HIM AT ALL. REALLY. TRUST ME! As a conclusion, when I like him, he did not like me, when he likes me, I dislike him. End up, we both fallen love with  different people. But then, his girlfriend does not like him to get close to us. So bye bye Azrizal. HAHA.

So, these are all 15 Facts or stories ? about me.