I wonder how many people in this world, keep hiding their feelings just for the sake of other people? It must be hurt inside, as you could not even share what you really wanted to share, due to some respect.  Oh God, how I wish I can help them.

I was there too. I met some people who always scolding other without no reason. Don't even have any close relationship yet dare to elevate their voices. Were thinking they are always right, and of course make an assumptions about yourself, this and that. I just cannot reach this kind of people. Yeah, it s right, people always make assumptions. I did that too. But, being harsh with those assumptions and let it spill is surely no manner. Clearly, you are a person without pride. You allow yourself created this kind of bad image. 

Come on la, this world is not for you. It is for everyone. So, mind your manners, would you? .