The moment when I positioned myself next to mom, together watching tv. After a while, she turned the channel and stopped at channel 118 on Astro. GO SHOP.

Mesmerised by the items and the promotions, mom then asked me to open the cloud and surf their website. As expected, she totally fall in love ya know. 

She stared everything in details, and keep on expressing her excited-ness, few minutes passed, being her daughter,  waiting for some magic sentences that she used to say, AND FINALLY those magic words being expelled from her mouth,

"Rayang, andaun iti ti alanuk ka? bilahi mamak amilli , ahap tu, ambal du taas toongan !"
(Darling, what do you think about this? Pretty isn't?  I wanna grab this, this one is good, and the price is even cheaper!)

I tried to purchase for mom, but something popped out. SOLD OUT! How fast and furios is it. 

Telling mom that it was sold out, and she was like, REALLY DARLING? 

.. Bet all mommies in Malaysia are watching this channel too. To make you even surprise, watching it at the same time. So Fantastic!