Personalised Diet Plan

Until what extend you can cope with the too-good-to-be-true diet & menu plan? Are you sure you want to continue eating meal plan without any carbohydrate consumption? Eliminating your rice, your noodles, mee hoon, nasi lemak, kueh teow just to achieved your dream body weight and body shape? Or are you sure you want to have ONLY SALAD for your lunch?

Did you know, neglecting your carbohydrate can harm your body? Now, worry no more! You can still diet and lose your weight with your favorite menu and meals!

The focus is not following the structured meal plan, however, I will provide you idea on HOW TO EAT AND STILL  LOSE/ MAINTAIN your BODY WEIGHT!

Meal and Diet Plan are also available on 60 minutes one-to-one dietary consultation.
If you are interested in adding consultation, please include a note, when booking this service. 

Meal Plan includes: 

  • Delicious & Healthy Meal Plan for Lose Weight
  • Tasty & Healthy Meal Plan for Weight Increment
  • General Health & Wellness
  • Nephro Diet
  • Diabetes Diet
  • High Cholesterol Diet
  • Cancer Diet
  • Regimen for Tube Feeding