I know I have abandoned this blog and sorry for the long hiatus. I felt bad whenever I got a questioned from you about my latest post, but I could not post anything because I am not in the mood.. hehe. But, gosh, honestly I have a loooott of ideas and things to talk to whenever the laptop is away, especially, when I was sitting alone, or in the car or even in my 3 hours plane. I hate that.

You know, it’s great though when someone took the initiative to work as a part timer during their student’s life or in between of the semester break. They have plenty of words to talk during the interview session on their experiences, and of course to write on the resume or CV.  They can enhance their soft skills. I was a great believer that I had my soft skills inside my hands, but when it comes to job hunting and attending interviews. I started to foresee the problems or the unwanted events once I am working. It is terrifyng. Here, comes the soft skills! How do you handle with your boss, how do you communicate with your collegues and how do you handle with mad clients? Although, I am pretty sure and confident with my ability to handle mad person, but I am not sure if I can stay patient if they keep on triggering me. 

It was such a nice experience when the interviewee shares her job hunting experiences and hiking to the career development. You have to differentiate between the job and the career. Job is more to short term basis, career is your goal and more to long term. Most people started with job before building a career. Some people, straight away to the career... the pitfall: they don't taste the sweetness of having a job, being scolded, getting a lowly stares from some people who think they are superior from the jobber. The fact is, they are just the same. The jobber got the experience, and you got what? #selfreflection.

The main point of my post for today is EXPERIENCE. So, during your study gap, fill yourself with as many as experience AS YOU CAN. Traveling, part timer and bla bla bla. But, some interviewee looks for your job experience during your entry level. What did you do during SPM break? A Bombard questions from them and some of them are kind enough, they understand some people just don’t have an experience because they are locked in the nest. lol.

I remember someone told me, once you are working, you will start to build your own connection. This kind of words somehow inspired me to be a better person, triggered me to be someone away from my comfort zone.

Now, I missed my life as a student, now we are apart and can only rooting for each others’s destiny.

Thanks for reading this post! ❤️