Currently, I am having my written examination, so usually I will inform my parents a week before and will notify them a day before the paper and will ring or text them before I entered the hall. I know dad and mom will be at their busiest time in the morning, so I leave them with messages. Especially dad, because mom never checked any messages.... so.. texting mom is not a good idea. Ring her would be the preferred one. So, I texted dad...

"Dad, tomorrow I got an exam. Pray for me ya.."

No reply. Last seen 10.00 am. No blue tick. Only double tick.

"Dad, tomorrow's paper is at 8.30 am, 1 and a half hours, will finish at 10.00am, please pray for me and tell mom ya"..

No reply. Last seen 9.00 am. No blue tick. Only double tick.

"Dad, tomorrow's paper also at 8.30 am, like last week, but will take 2 hours and finish at 10.30 am. Bless me ya dad, tell mom too, I could not reach her phone" 

Sent this message last night, around 10.00 pm. Family is an early-sleeper, So, no reply from dad was expected too.. 

Ting.. Ting..Ting..  3 buzzing sounds from WhatsApp. It was 12.58 am

"Cinok, ini Masyitah.. Cinok jangan balas mesej ni, Masyitah curi-curi pakai telefon atok"
"Kalau Cinok suda tidur, jangan balas ya"

"Hai, Masyitah.. kenapa guna telefon atok? haha"

"Kenapa Cinok belum tidur lagi 😱😱😱?" She asked me with that exaggerated emoji

"Cinok tengah study, besok exam, doakan Cinok okay" 

"😨😨😨 hah?! Okay okay, Masyitah doakan Cinok berjaya. Amin. Sorry ganggu, okaylah Masyitah tidur dulu"
"Cinok, jangan sesekali balas mesej ini ya.. "

Now, I know the reason why dad did not reply to my texts.
His granddaughter deleted all the conversations before he had the chance to read. 

I called dad and mom and I told dad, I sent him with so many texts, but he never replied to any..
He said, your niece was holding and playing with my phone.. so, I did not realize any text or msg.. hahaha...  Everyone is so cute. 

" Cinok, jangan sesekali balas mesej ini ya.. " ... I remembered I texted my girlfriend using my dad's phone when I was a kid too.. I used this phrase to end our conversation....
 "Jangan balas mesej ini ya.."